Pantomath Raises $14 Million in Series A Led by Sierra Ventures to Accelerate Development of Data Pipeline Observability and Traceability Platform

October 16, 2023

Pantomath Raises $14 Million in Series A Led by Sierra Ventures to Accelerate Development of Data Pipeline Observability and Traceability Platform

Pantomath Inc., a data pipeline observability and traceability platform, announced today that it completed $14 million in Series A funding in early September led by Silicon Valley-based Sierra Ventures and included Series Seed investors Bowery Capital and Epic Ventures. The company has now raised $18 million in only 16 months. The additional capital will be used to innovate through AI and expand to new territories.

The company was founded in 2022 by Somesh Saxena, who previously was a Data & Analytics leader at GE Aerospace supporting 18,000 data consumers through his organization. He led multiple programs at the company, including enterprise data & analytics, self-service data, big data, and robotic process automation, giving him unique insights into the problems and challenges encountered by data teams.

"Our AI-driven platform allows customers to detect data reliability issues through real-time alerts, troubleshoot them with end-to-end cross-platform technical lineage and aggregated logs, identify root-cause instantly, and resolve issues quickly with automated impact analysis," said Saxena.

As companies strive to be more data-driven, data reliability is essential. Most organizations struggle with bad data, making poor business decisions that can directly impact their bottom line. Pantomath’s automated cross-platform pipeline lineage and real-time monitoring platform for end-to-end operations across complex data analytics ecosystems puts trust back in the data. “Data reliability is a major issue for enterprise businesses and startups alike. Most successful businesses derive their advantages through data, making healthy data pipelines critical for success. Pantomath solves this problem head on through its innovative product,” said Paul Bessire, Chief Data Officer at Coterie Insurance.

Since its inception, Pantomath has experienced rapid growth, serving several customers including Paycor, Coterie Insurance, CNG Holdings, Lendly, and G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, amongst others such as a Fortune 300 FinTech market leader and one of the largest global 3PL and freight brokerage firms in North America. “We selected Pantomath due to its one-of-its-kind platform that auto-discovers our data assets, visualizing these relationships in real-time across our ecosystem. Pantomath provides end-to-end traceability, which enables our teams to focus on building new solutions instead of getting mired down in operational tasks. We believe Pantomath will enable significant productivity savings while ensuring our data is reliable and trustworthy,” said Rick Huff, Chief Information Officer at Paycor. The impact of Pantomath’s data pipeline observability and traceability platform has enabled its customers to reduce data reliability issues and drive a data-driven culture with data consumers trusting their data. “Pantomath's end-to-end observability across the entire data stack has significantly reduced data downtime and increased trust in data at our company," said Rob Brichler, Chief Technology Officer at Lendly.

“We believe that Somesh's experience leading Data and Analytics at a large enterprise has given him unique insights into the data operations challenges facing most companies today. We have been impressed with Pantomath's ability to meet the needs of some of the most demanding F500 customers in a very short period of time,” said Mark Fernandes, Managing Partner at Sierra Ventures.


Pantomath is a data pipeline observability and traceability platform for automating data operations and improving data reliability through automated real-time monitoring and cross-platform pipeline lineage. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Pantomath is a fast-growing Series A funded startup, backed by Sierra Ventures, Bowery Capital, and Epic Ventures. Learn more at


Sierra Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based early-stage venture firm investing globally, focusing on core B2B enterprise and next-frontier technologies. With over four decades of experience and over $2 billion of assets under management, Sierra has created a vast network of successful entrepreneurs, Global 1000 CXOs, operational executives, and deep domain experts, providing a platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Learn more at

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