Data Profiling & Quality

Receive automated insights into key dataset characteristics like column counts and variable types. Leverage platform specific data profiling and data quality checks for in line data quality within a customizable framework – providing full end-to-end coverage for your most complex data quality challenges.

Custom In-Line Quality & Profiling Rules

Integrate custom data quality and profiling checks seamlessly within your data pipelines by leveraging your in platform checks for both data engineers and business users alike, maintain security without sacrificing control. Enhance data observability by automatically detecting Data Quality checks and creating associations to the datasets they monitor.

Intelligent Anomaly Detection

Directly integrate data quality checks outputs into Pantomath’s automated ML-based monitoring capabilities to detect anomalies within datasets, alerting you to changes and ensuring ongoing data integrity.

Automated Profiling

Out of the box data profiling checks, including the column counts, column variable types, total records, etc. for immediate insights into data structure.

Automated data operations across your data stack

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