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Organizations continuously strive to be more data-driven, building dashboards, analytics, and data pipelines across the modern data stack. Unfortunately, most organizations struggle with data reliability issues leading to poor business decisions and lack of trust in data as an organization, directly impacting their bottom line.

Resolving complex data issues is a manual and time-consuming process involving multiple teams all relying on tribal knowledge to manually reverse engineer complex data pipelines across different platforms to identify root-cause and understand impact.

Pantomath is a data pipeline observability and traceability platform for automating data operations. It continuously monitoring datasets and jobs across the enterprise data ecosystem. By creating automated cross-platform technical pipeline lineage, it provides context to complex data pipelines. Whether it's data quality and data at rest incidents or operational data in motion incidents, Pantomath's ML-driven platform allows users to detect data issues in real-time, preventing any potential business impact.

Troubleshooting is made easy with end-to-end cross-platform technical lineage and aggregated logs, streamlining operations and saving productivity. Automated root-cause analysis helps resolve issues, minimizing data downtime, while automated impact analysis helps prevent poor decision-making with bad data, eliminating any possible business impact.

Implementing Pantomath is simple; through a wide range of connectors for the most popular data tools that integrate seamlessly into complex data stacks providing autonomous pipeline lineage in minutes. Pre-configured monitors and machine learning frameworks are available out of the box providing immediate value to customers.

Eliminate data reliability issues today and automate data operations with Pantomath.

We want to empower Data Reliability Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, and Data Engineers to resolve issues without escalations and dependencies.

We care about making operations simpler and demystifying complex data ecosystems. By creating the industry’s easiest-to-use and configure automated data pipeline observability platform, we ensure operational stability and data reliability across the enterprise.

Our Vision

To enable a data-driven culture and drive trust in data through data pipeline observability

Our Mission

To enable end-to-end data pipeline observability across complex data ecosystems with our innovative technology, strong partnerships and a customer-centric approach

Automated data operations across your data stack

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