The Data Observability Pyramid

Data Quality

Monitoring data accuracy and data values

Data Profiling

Monitoring data distribution and segmentation

Data Observability

Monitoring data at rest for issues related to missing or stale data

Operational Observability

Monitoring data in motion for broken pipelines, including job failures, latency, not started jobs and data movement

Data Pipeline Traceability

Cross-platform lineage of data pipelines across the data stack including jobs and datasets

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Paul Bessire - Chief Data & Technology Officer
@ Coterie Insurance

“We have seen a 300% ROI from Pantomath in the first few months. We immediately know when a data issue occurs, exactly what happened and how to fix it. As a result, there is virtually no data downtime."

Rob Brichler - CTO @ Lendly

"Pantomath's end-to-end observability across the entire data stack has significantly reduced data downtime and increased trust in data at our company.”

Rick Huff - Chief Information Officer @ Paycor

"Pantomath effectively auto-discovers our data assets and visualizes the relationships across our data pipelines in real-time. Pantomath enables our teams to focus on building new solutions rather than getting bogged down in operational tasks. We’re seeing a significant uptick in productivity while ensuring our data is reliable and trustworthy."

Gary Meyer - Director of Data Management @ CNG Holdings

"Pantomath autonomously identified a critical data incident within a complex data pipeline used by thousands of our users. Thanks to Pantomath's data observability platform, our team was notified with a real-time alert and automated root cause analysis, enabling our team to resolve the incident without impact to end users."

Osng Kwon - VP of Infrastructure @ Coterie Insurance

"Pantomath provides the safety net that gives us confidence in our data."

Mark Knipfer - Senior Data Analyst @ Lendly

"Pantomath required zero setup! We had end-to-end cross-platform pipeline lineage and out of the box monitoring in minutes."

Automated data operations across your data stack

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