May 22, 2024

Lendly’s data team reduces manual troubleshooting and reverse engineering time by 30% with Pantomath

How Pantomath helps Lendly get 30% of their engineering and troubleshooting time back.

Lendly is a rapidly growing, online lender that provides loans quickly and painlessly. Lendly helps people cover unforeseen expenses and get out of financial jams – all supported by world-class customer service.

The Challenge

Lendly’s data team is crucial to the success of the company. They support revenue-generating analytics and maintain a secure and nimble environment for managing sensitive customer data. Despite these critical responsibilities, the data team was spending 30% of their time identifying and debugging data and pipeline issues.

While platforms like Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, and Tableau can provide tool specific alerting, there was no way to get a complete view of the entire data pipeline or monitor the health of the data itself. Instead, business users would often be the first-line for detecting reliability issues.

Then, the data team, already on their back foot, would need to undertake the painstakingly manual process of conducting root-cause analysis, impact analysis, and remediation. With refresh schedules as frequent as every 15 minutes, unresolved issues could quickly pile up without anyone knowing.

For a data team already wearing numerous hats – including data ingestion, transformation, and reporting, the manual lift of identifying and troubleshooting data and pipeline issues spread them too thin.

The Solution

By implementing Pantomath, Lendly’s data team has saved 30% of the time that would have otherwise been spent on manual troubleshooting and reverse engineering problems. Now that time can be focused on enabling revenue-generating analytics and proactively ensuring data reliability with the help of Pantomath.

"Pantomath has provided end-to-end observability across our entire data stack. That has significantly reduced data downtime and increased trust in data across the company."

- Rob Brichler, Chief Technology Officer at Lendly.

Pantomath provides Lendly’s data team with end-to-end observability and traceability of the entirety of their data pipelines. Pantomath monitors data in motion to ensure its health as it flows through the pipeline and monitors data at rest to ensure accuracy, freshness and completeness. Now, Lendly’s data team knows exactly when something goes wrong, where it went wrong, why it went wrong, and what the downstream effects are.

"Prior to Pantomath, we wouldn’t know if the data was reliable or not. We would keep double checking the health of the pipelines manually and were still often reacting to the business notifying us of a data issue. Pantomath changed that. Now, we know exactly when something goes wrong. And we know exactly what went wrong – without needing to drop everything and chase it down."

- Mark Knifer, Data Engineer at Lendly.

With Pantomath’s end-to-end observability and traceability, Lendly’s data team can focus on the priorities that matter to the business. Pantomath will auto-detect issues, send the team with real-time alerts, enable them to troubleshoot and resolve the problem instantly, and prevent negative business impact.

Learn More

With Pantomath’s end-to-end data observability and traceability platform, data teams like Lendly’s have the visibility they need to meaningfully improve data quality and ensure reliability in distributed data landscapes with diverse datasets and complex data pipelines.

If you are concerned about data quality and reliability and would like to learn more, schedule a demo with Pantomath’s expert team.